Great Start For Pogba, Manchester United Situation

The start of the new season has been very good for Paul Pogba against Leeds (5-1), where he assisted 4 goals. His contract with Manchester United ends up this year or next. This could mean he will leave the team either this summer or the next year.

Paul Pogba
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He likes it, Paul Pogba. He is the boss on the field. Along with Bruno Fernandes, he played during Manchester United's first game of the season against Leeds and they won 5-1. But off the field, the man who lives in Lagny-Sur-Marne likes things to go at his own pace.

Pogba has one year left on his contract, but the board would like for him to renew with another extension. Based on an article in the Daily Mail, it seems likely that nothing will change until August's end of the summer transfer window.

Real or PSG in 2022 For Paul Pogba? 

Yet Pogba got a smile again in Manchester. A few weeks ago, he was convinced that the project for Manchester is great because they made some new signings (Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane). But until Pogba signs a contract, there will always be some doubt.

Pogba will likely remain in Manchester next season despite interest from Paris Saint-Germain. But if he doesn't sign a new contract, 2022 promises to be a stormy year. PSG is crazy about free agents, and they could offer Pogba a golden bridge. Real Madrid has been after him for years while Zinedine Zidane was managing the team, but MU should expect nothing to be very easy.

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