Lionel Messi And Argentina lifts Copa America Trophy After 28 Years

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Argentina, 28 years later, champions again. In the Maracana Stadium and against Brazil. Messi and Scaloni's team are already in the history of world football.

In Brazil, Argentina was local. The Albiceleste sold the tickets made available to Conmebol and one of the Maracana funds seemed more crowded than the other. Blue and white above green and yellow. The fireworks at the start, the hymns with screams of real fans, and not that horrifying music that they put in the background in games without an audience, gave the meeting a more epic tone. But the ball had to start rolling and there was Messi and Thiago Silva, in the draw, two rivals choosing which side they were going to start on and who was going to move first in this historic final at Maracana.

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Ostojich, the match referee, did not want the match to degenerate. First with a warning on Scaloni then with a yellow to Fred after a hard blow on Montiel. Meanwhile, the two teams studied each other, letting each other play on the defensive line, slowing the game down.

Brazil, after a few minutes of slight Argentine domination, kept the ball. Without depth, Marquinhos' direct match at Richarlison was a widely used option and in a game like this Neymar was almost done after the Everton player left. On the other side, Argentina wanted to fly fast and let Messi invents it, but Brazil was pulling back at high speed. The game was a continuous war, no one gave an inch of ground.

But today an Argentinian player had a rematch pending. Today an Argentinian player had a pending account. Today an Argentinian player had something to say to the Maracana, something that he could not say seven years ago in this same stadium. Di María defined above Ederson after a pass into space from De Paul that Lodi couldn't cut. The Argentines of the Maracanã celebrated. Argentines around the world celebrated. Di Maria was celebrating.

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Brazil was a constant protest. Casemiro with Thiago Silva, Tite asks for more from his players. The premises could not break the 4-4-2 proposed by Scaloni and Messi, the best player on the court, had not yet been able to appear. Argentina was involved in the game, they made the Brazilian attackers run and Neymar despaired, but in a block, Messi's first came and his shot went close to Ederson's post. Brazil's response came quickly and Neymar, the smartest of the Canarinha, faced off and Paredes knocked him to the edge of the box, winning the yellow.

Argentina slowed down the game, let the minutes pass. Brazil could not and was in despair. In a long ball from Paredes to Di María, the "Fideo" got scared and lay down outside the pitch after bending his ankle, but that was it, a scare, and he returned to the pitch. The first half was on, Argentina gained confidence, and set pieces were the most dangerous for Tite's team. Every corner or foul smelled like a Brazilian goal. And the Argentinian fans shouted to Diego to give the last breath to their players, who went to the locker room, to the cheers.

The second half started with a change. Fred admonished, gave way to Firmino. Another striker from Brazil needed something a little different, like against Colombia in the group stage. In Argentina, Lo Celso's quick card after a great game from Neymar made Scaloni react quickly and call Guido Rodríguez. But two seconds before, Richarlison tied the tie, or at least he believed it, who celebrated it, but the line raised the flag and drowned out the local goal cry. Guido came in through Paredes, who had already been reprimanded in the first half.

And we entered “Draw Martínez time”. Richarlison, once again, struck a right hand after a nice pass from Neymar. The Aston Villa keeper, with a miraculous left hand, saved Scaloni's men.

Neymar played without any type of filter. Firmino's entrance gave him a space he didn't have before. That of PSG broke all the schemes of Scaloni had to find a way to stop Canarinha. In this way, Tagliafico had to play with Acuña as a 'double 3', while in Brazil Madrid player Vinicius entered for Everton.

He was missing the usual protagonist, he was missing Messi, who, overwhelmed by his defensive efforts, did not decide well after a robbery by Lautaro Martínez. The minutes passed, Brazil despaired, and the only one who clarified the game was, once again, Neymar, knocked down by De Paul, receiving another yellow card.

The weather in the Maracana was very tight. Argentina fans bit their nails

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