The New Barca: a Matter of Balance


"We think that the squad is unbalanced and we are working to correct it. It's something that we've discussed with Koeman and that needs to be fixed. We want the trainer to have an option, make things difficult for him personally." With those words, Joan Laporta clarified the situation of their first team and its own reform plans. The famous"new cycle" that he has been talking about since he assumed the presidency of this Catalan entity.

When you have a look at the makeup of the Barcelona squad, you can see that its president is right. The sport management, in collusion with the coach, has X-rayed that the Culé dressing room and have recognized that it's out of balance. There are some areas of the area where footballers are plentiful, while for many others there's a worrying lack of resources. Both the hires which were declared and will last to be announced in the coming days, in addition to the departures, are targeted at correcting these problems. It is clear that injuries later blow up the programs, but when you have worked in advance to have a balanced team, the breakdowns They create are often more controlled.

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The axis of protection

It's been one of the principal headaches for Ronald Koeman throughout his first time on the Barça seat. It is clear that it has to lighten in that position, but it does not seem that it will be an easy task. His would be to remain with just four centers from the squad. There might be one more entrance, but it is clear that people have to come out. It is a priority for sports management.

There are issues in both groups. On the left, Junior Firpo doesn't signify any kind of contest for Jordi Alba. Catalan is in the level that it's due to its own self-demand, not because of fear that someone will lift the website for it. The club is working to give Junior an exit, which would induce a search for a left-back. If at all possible, let him tickle Jordi Alba. There's one leftover and, regardless of his flexibility, the Reus guy has many ballots to depart. He charges a great deal for what he's donating.

In the long run, Busquets always prevails. The registering of Pjanic has been a fiasco, therefore he has no replacement. That, if De Jong is not counted as an alternative to Badía's. Contemplating what De Jong adds up, it could be ineffective to put him that far back except in emergencies. Generally, no.

Center forward

Until the coming of Kun Agüero, the reality of Barça was that their'9' - by place and by number - was Martin Braithwaite. The Dane is not anywhere near the amount of a group that aspires to win the Champions League. In the club, they are aware of it and they work on their exit -complicated- and also the signing of some other ram.

Three Cracks

Barça has three players with a similar place and behavior on the field: Griezmann, Coutinho, and Messi. All three are extremely pricey and also need freedom of motion. Positions to choose, there's no uncertainty: Leo.

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