Magnanelli on Locatelli : “When he arrived at Sassuolo he was not mentally ready. Then he changed his attitude "

Francesco Magnanelli, captain and flag of Sassuolo, is someone who knows Manuel Locatelli Italy Player very well, who is doing well with the Italian national team.

Manuel Locatelli

During an interview with SportWeek, Magnanelli spoke about his teammate as follows: “For him, I have a weakness. Playing close to him is simple: he is a modern, total midfielder. For me, he can play for any top-level European team. He has ease of handling the ball which is amazing. And the more he plays with the good guys, the more he gets better. He is predestined, the ball between his feet does not burn. He has a strong personality and strong confidence in his means ”.

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Then he told a background: “When he arrived he passed from the promising status of Milan to that of a discharged one, but Sassuolo invested a lot for him. But it is clear that he needed to metabolize what apparently seemed to all intents and purposes a leap backward. He immediately showed that he had great qualities, but he was not mentally ready. He thought he could get everything immediately, that he had the job secured. He was a twenty-year-old boy who had lost confidence and awareness. After a game in which he had not played and in which he had had an attitude that our teammates did not like. Me, Pegolo, Peluso, and Matri took him aside and explained a few things to him. He is an intelligent boy and he understood. He has become one of those who work hard. He understood that he would have to struggle in training. He understood that his teammates were twenty-five guys who pushed every day and that therefore if he had played he would not have been acquired by right but because he would have put the same intensity into the work as the others ”.

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