FC Barcelona: Many attackers, But Few Available

FC Barcelona

Among the injured and transferable, Barça's attack is limited to Leo Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Kun Agüero, and Memphis Depay
Ousmane's Future Depends On Barca

Ousmane Dembélé's injury has further complicated the Barça striker's puzzle for next season. At the moment, there are only 4 attackers available: Messi, Memphis Depay, Griezmann, and Kun Agüero. Two other starting tracks: Braithwaite and Trincao. And a total of 3 injured: Dembélé, Coutinho and Ansu Fati. Among those available, Griezmann, who is doing a good European Championship, could be a good option to get income in the form of transfer and, above all, if he leaves, to lighten the payroll. The future of Braithwaite and Trincao lies in a sale or assignment. Neither fits into Koeman's plans for the upcoming La Liga season.

More complicated is the future of the 3 injured. Coutinho continues in Brazil to recover from the knee, and at the club, no one is counting on him for the future team. However, his start is not easy, and given his high record. In Dembélé's case, sports officials were negotiating his renewal, but the injury makes it impossible that in the absence of an agreement, they could transfer him. One of the big unknowns will be Ansu Fati's physical condition after the ordeal in the form of knee surgeries.

Koeman Only Has 3

What was supposed to be the short-term franchise player will now have to prove once again that his recovery is a fact. So for now, Koeman has only 3 undisputed names on his board: Messi, and Memphis, and Kun Aguero, two of them will start as Barca's new strikers for the upcoming season.

(Image Source - Twitter l Image by - Barca Worldwide)

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