Napoli, Spalletti Remains On The Pole. Galtier Is Not To Be Crossed Out. De Laurentiis Still Hopes In Allegri

 The contact between Aurelio De Laurentiis and a potential member of Luciano Spalletti's staff, as anticipated in the evening, is the confirmation of increasingly fruitful contacts. We say potential because that component (we can't name names for fairness) said no. But his candidacy would have been useful for Spalletti who has been advancing in the last few hours.

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Napoli, Spalletti
Image Source - Google l Image by - Inter via Getty Images/Claudio Villa

Max Allegri remains an idea in the background for De Laurentiis, it would have been almost certain in the event of the Napoli Champions train. All this net of the changes at Inter on Conte that indirectly involve Allegri.

But since Monday Max has been in Juve orbit. And Conte remains in the balance. Galtier is a low-key idea in a Napoli list, but not at the top, the now-former Lille has other proposals, Nice in the lead.

And Simone Inzaghi, son of 3-5-2 (that's why Spalletti would be perfect for Napoli), will meet Lotito tomorrow. And until that moment we will not be able to think of anything, it is understood that Inzaghi and Lotito have often clarified when they seemed to be one step away from breaking up.

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