Conte-Inter, The Great Cold. Now We Need A Miracle


One could imagine that this is how it would end between Antonio Conte and Inter. Because it's not over yet but almost, a miracle is needed. The Great Cold is the synthesis of a situation that calling it complicated is an understatement. You could have imagined it, and it didn't take a magician when it went from the alleged sale by the club to a loan of 275 million to pay salaries and put the budget in order. 

Conte had just won, it was normal that he would have liked to see clearly. Normal that he would not have accepted and that he would not accept a downsizing that provides for the sale of at least one big player and revenues from 80 to 100 million, reducing expenses and salaries. 

The incoming market would be non-existent, better: it would be calibrated based on the outflows, yielding to one (higher) figure and buying to another (much lower). But for Conte just removing an important piece from this group, let's put Lautaro just as an example, which would mean throwing overboard or almost two years of work or almost. We understand. The approximately 12 million salary? An agreement will be found. Can there be a miracle? Yes a miracle, but Marotta should overcome. 

It was nice to resist, now we are at a point of no return. And which coach for Inter? Cheerful in dreams since the September summit in Varese, which ended with a compromise between Antonio and the club. 

But Max is close to Juve, would he accept what Conte sends back to the sender, the famous downsizing? Then there are Simone Inzaghi and Mihajlovic: the first will meet Lotito, the second has two years with Bologna (who took precaution with Luca Gotti) but we are in the field of hypotheses. First, you have to close the relationship with Conte. Or hope for a miracle, we don't know how to call it otherwise.

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